"Our strategic plan is sound... if only we could execute it effectively and on time!"

Many organizations put great energy behind crystallizing their business vision into a strategy.   They may fall short, though, when it comes to turning their good, carefully-crafted ideas into practice.  Our focused, systematic audit process will help your leadership team to:


  • Achieve a clear idea of your organizational strengths and weaknesses for carrying your strategy forward
  • Identify your major execution barriers to overcome or to remove
  • Create a Strategy Execution Roadmap to guide your implementation
  • Determine the right people to involve for maximum impact
  • Pinpoint progress measures and implementation milestones to gauge your progress


Pathway will give you the information and the tools to prevent all of your strategic thinking efforts from gathering dust on a shelf.  We determine your best route to success.


Although the details of client projects change, here is an overview of what we do:


  1. Study your business, organization, history and track record with strategy rollouts.
  2. Review your current strategic plan in detail.
  3. Interview members of your executive team to probe into your experience with strategic execution and expected   opportunities and issues.
  4. As needed, dig deeper into different management layers, business units or functions with interviews or surveys to sharpen the implementation picture.
  5. Deliver a Strategy Execution Roadmap, a fresh, independent view of your enterprise’s preparedness, with clear recommendations about the best directions to follow. 
  6. When you request it, work with you through the critical details of execution planning, monitoring and communication.


We avoid simple, packaged strategy execution solutions.  Instead, we become well-versed in your unique history, culture and educated views of tomorrow’s opportunities.  We’ll partner with you to decide how to achieve them.

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