November, 2008

Announcing the 2008 "Issues and Opportunities in Strategic Execution" Survey 

Pathway Human Capital Advisors will launch a survey of C-suite executives and HR leaders  on "issues and Opportunities in Strategic Execution" in November, 2008.  The initial target population will be CEOs, COOs and Chief HR Officers in Southeastern Michigan and Northwestern Ohio.   Co-sponsors of this research are DBusiness, the Detroit area's premier business journal, and Wayne State University's graduate program in Industrial - Organizational Psychology.

The core issue that the survey will explore is the finding that a key problem that many companies face is not so much the development of solid strategic plans, but rather difficulties in their execution.  A recent Conference Board study, for example, showed strategy execution is the #1 concern of CEOs worldwide (at least until our recent economic meltdown).


Given the serious challenges faced by companies and industries in MIchigan and Ohio, there is a critical need for organizational leaders to increase understanding of how to best execute their strategic plans.  Our report on the survey results will provide ideas on best practices for improved strategy execution, which we believe will be of interest to senior corporate executives and HR leaders.


Results are expected to be released in January/February, 2009.  DBusiness will publish the results in article sheduled for March 2009.


For further information or to participate in the survey, email us at



Our co-sponsor DBusiness publishes  a wide range of article and updates on business, economic, leadership and management issues.

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