"We're rewarding the wrong behaviors and not incenting the results we need."
 Strategic Rewards
Have you defined a compensation philosophy or a total rewards strategy, encompassing not only compensation but also benefits and other components of the rewards package? Is your strategy linked to your business plan and human resources strategy?

We assist organizations in articulating their rewards strategy in the context of their business operations, providing services such as:
- conducting management focus groups to identify key components of their rewards philosophy
- defining the competitive labor market
- determining the desired competitive level
- defining the importance of internal equity and external competitiveness
- formalizing a rewards strategy document

Cash Compensation and Rewards
Are you offering competitive pay to attract and retain your workforce?
We assist organizations in the design of comprehensive compensation programs, including:
- Job analysis
- Market pricing
- Pay structure development
- Wage and salary administration policies
- Supervisory training
- Employee communication

Do your incentive programs motivate your people to attain your business goals?
We assist in the development and evaluation of  incentive compensation plans to help you improve organizational performance. We examine issues such as:
- incentive plan eligibility
- amount of pay at risk
- appropriate measures
- individual versus team incentives
- annual versus long-term incentives
- prevalent industry market practices

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